TRX Cardio Tennis Begins Cross-Country Rollout

Cardio Tennis® has just kicked it up a notch—with opportunities for an even more comprehensive full-body workout. The Tennis Industry Association has partnered with TRX Suspension Training® to bring the innovative training system to the courts with TRX Cardio Tennis, and workshops for tennis providers are under way.

TRX Cardio Tennis provides the ultimate ball-striking, calorie-burning workout incorporating strength, muscle endurance, balance and flexibility. The new program combines TRX Suspension Training®, which is designed to facilitate an enormous range of body-weight training movements, with Cardio Tennis, the high-energy fitness activity featuring tennis games and drills for all ability levels and ages that delivers a fun, full-body, calorie-burning aerobic workout.

“Cardio Tennis has always been about working out in the zone, burning calories and training for tennis,” says Cardio Tennis Program Manager Michele Krause. “But historically, it has not emphasized strength and power or utilizing strength equipment. The highly regarded TRX® system is now the perfect complement to Cardio Tennis, adding strength, power, flexibility and balance to the program.”

TRX Suspension Training® is suitable for all fitness levels and ages, and combining TRX® with Cardio Tennis may well attract current fitness consumers to the tennis court. In addition, TRX Cardio Tennis works well with up to 16 players on one court—an ideal situation for club managers, owners and teaching professionals looking to maximize revenue and court usage.

Like original Cardio Tennis, the TRX® version has a dynamic warm-up, a cardio portion, and a cool-down phase. However, TRX Cardio Tennis has set lesson plans, and the timing of the rotations from the on-court workouts to the TRX® training is critical to the success of the session for participants. Each tennis and TRX® activity has been carefully selected to ensure a balanced and safe workout. Also, TRX Cardio Tennis is designed for 90-minute sessions. In addition, transition balls are used—important in not only keeping people safe on court, but also in keeping participants active and constantly in motion.

To deliver the TRX Cardio Tennis program, individuals or facilities must be Cardio Tennis Authorized Providers, be current with their Cardio Tennis education, and complete the TRX Cardio Tennis Training Workshop (visit for more information.) To be a TRX Cardio Tennis provider, a teaching pro must also be either a certified PTR or USPTA pro.

Upcoming TRX Cardio Tennis Training Workshops include:
* April 3: USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, New York, NY
* May 8: Claremont Resort and Spa, Berkeley, CA
* May 15: Midlothian Tennis Club, Midlothian, VA
Visit for other workshops, and to sign up. 

"This new program will allow current providers of Cardio Tennis® the opportunity to enhance their fitness offering for their members and players and, in turn, help generate more revenue," says Krause. "Our partnership with TRX® and TRX Cardio Tennis is very exciting.”

Suspension training body-weight exercises were born in the Navy SEALs and designed to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. The TRX® Suspension Trainer™ is a highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to enable hundreds of exercises for every fitness goal. The system gives a fast, effective total-body workout; benefits people of all fitness levels, from pro athletes to seniors; and can be set up anywhere, including at the tennis court, indoors or outdoors.

TRX® is designed for trainers, health clubs, military users, fitness-minded consumers and athletes of all levels. TRX Training equipment and exercise programs are changing the way athletes train for sport, soldiers train for combat, physical therapists rehabilitate patients and exercise instructors train their clients. For more on TRX®, visit

For questions about TRX Cardio Tennis, contact the TIA at (843) 686-3036 x.223 or