'Try Tennis for Free' Offers New and Returning Players Opportunity to Get into Tennis This September

Throughout September, new and returning tennis players will have the opportunity to hit the courts for free during the industry-supported "Try Tennis for Free" campaign. The effort, managed by the Tennis Industry Association (TIA), is being driven through the PlayTennis.com website, where consumers can quickly and easily find participating facilities and tennis coaches. The September campaign builds on the success of the industry's previous "Try Tennis for Free" campaign, which was held during the month of May. Providers who want to sign up to participate in Try Tennis Free this September can do so by clicking here.

“We saw great results from the May campaign," says TIA Executive Director Jolyn de Boer, "with participating facilities and coaches seeing on average 30 new and returning players participating in Try Tennis for Free programs. As a result, we're re-launching the campaign again during the US Open, when consumer interest in the sport is at its peak in the U.S."

Try Tennis for Free is also helping promote and support the USTA's efforts to bring new players to the game this September with its Free Tennis Play Events in conjunction with Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play, which is being driven through the website YouthTennis.com. Free Tennis Play Events will also be searchable on PlayTennis.com as a part of the Try Tennis for Free campaign.

Industry providers, including facilities and tennis coaches, are encouraged to participate in this industry-supported promotion by visiting PlayTennis.com and signing up as a participating location and/or coach. The free session offered is up to the participating facility or organizer and can include formats such as free lessons, group clinics, Cardio Tennis, Play Days, and more.

Providers will also have the opportunity to easily add their Try Tennis for Free programming to the PlayTennis.com site for free, which will then be searchable by potential consumers. The TIA also offers free, customizable promotional material on PlayTennis.com that providers can use to promote Try Tennis for Free in their local communities.

Industry research shows that more than 65% of players who begin tennis in an introductory program continue with follow-up programs. "This type of campaign is geared toward bringing new players into the game and helping build a larger pool from which the industry can create frequent tennis players, who are key contributors to the tennis economy," adds de Boer.

In addition to the TIA, Try Tennis for Free also is a joint effort with this country’s two main professional tennis-teaching organizations—the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) and the U.S. Professional Tennis Association (USPTA).

“If you go to PlayTennis.com and don’t see a participating Try Tennis for Free venue in your area, contact your local facility or teaching pro and tell them you’re interested in playing, and inquire about a free or introductory session or program,” de Boer adds.

For questions regarding Try Tennis for Free this September, contact the TIA at info@tennisindustry.org or (866) 686-3036.