Upcoming TIA Retail Webinar: Creating an Extraordinary Shopping Experience

Join the TIA and other TIA Retail Division members in this upcoming retail webinar — to be held June 11 — on creating a great store environment to bring your store environment to life and boost sales.

A great store environment, including display fixtures, lighting and outstanding displays are essential to attracting shoppers to your Specialty Tennis Retail Store today, but they are only the beginning!

This TIA Retail Webinar provides insights to bring your store environment to life and help you create an Extraordinary Specialty Tennis Retail Shopping Experience…not matter your size, including:

• Creating a Neutral Transition Zone
• Seating Shows You Care
• Kids Go Everywhere
• Turning Right
• Signage Sells
• Older Shoppers See Differently
• Nylon Shopping Bags
• A Word about Aisles

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