Upper St. Claire Wins Inaugural Get Fit Challenge

The Upper St. Claire (Pa.) Tennis Development Program, Inc.  won the inaugural Cardio Tennis Get Fit Challenge, in which tennis facilities from across country competed in a five-week challenge designed to help participants reach their health and fitness goals.

"Cardio Tennis is the perfect way for people to get fit, stay healthy, and have fun—all while on the tennis court,” says Marcy Bruce, who captained the Upper St. Claire team and is a PTR certified tennis teaching professional. "The Get Fit Challenge adds an online interactive component to Cardio Tennis that adds a lot of value to the program. It’s a great way for us to engage players in our area and help them to reach their fitness goals, then to remain healthy.” Bruce also is a member of the Tennis Industry Association’s National Cardio Tennis Speakers Team and is a licensed TRX Cardio Tennis professional.

Throughout the Get Fit Challenge, which ended in late fall, participants competed both against each other and against other tennis facilities by tracking their own results, including the amount of time and intensity of playing tennis, working out, and playing Cardio Tennis (visit CardioTennis.com).

The Get Fit Challenge is a part of the Cardio Tennis Interactive online experience and is designed to help participants get even better results, stay engaged with the program for longer periods of time, and increase the enjoyment of the health benefits associated with Cardio Tennis via an online web portal that tracks calories burned, participant activity, provides healthy eating guidance, and more.

Participants in the Cardio Tennis Get Fit Challenge received an online health and wellness account that allowed them to:

  • Track their exercise, nutrition, goals, and results.
  • Download their Polar Heart Rate Monitor data directly into their account to track results.
  • Participate in Fitness Challenges specific to Cardio Tennis.
  • Gain reward points for using the site, participating in challenges and more that can be used in the Cardio Tennis Rewards Store.

"The interactive site was set up well and easy to register and use. I actually liked doing it as it gave me that little extra push and accountability when I didn't want to exercise," said Megan, an Upper St. Claire Get Fit Challenge participant.

Alisa James, a member of the winning Upper St. Claire team thought the tracking system really helped push her to exercise and reach her goals. "During the cardio challenge, I enjoyed the friendly competition. The team tracker was motivating me to do more and push myself, whether it was to work out a bit longer or an extra day during the week."

"I really like the ability to track nutrition and the food selections are very robust, almost comparable to a Weight Watchers site," says Angie Kweder, another challenge participant. "I loved the program and look forward to participating again!"

To learn more about the Cardio Tennis Get Fit Challenge, which is set to launch again in February 2013, visit CardioTennis.com or contact Brian O'Donnell at the Tennis Industry Association at (843) 473.4504 or email him at Brian@TennisIndustry.org.