U.S. Tennis Participation Grows 4% in 2013

Tennis participation in the United States is up 4% in 2013 according to the latest Physical Activity Council (PAC) Participation Report, to a total of 17.68 million players. The report also indicated a rise in frequent tennis players (those who play 21+ times per year) of 5% in 2013, to 5.48 million.

Measuring participation in 120 different sports, fitness, and recreation activities, the annual Play Report includes one of the largest sample sizes (20,000) of any single source sports study in the United States. Starting this year the TIA will be using the PAC Study participation figure as its "official" figure of total and frequent tennis participants. The previous USTA/TIA participation report produced by Taylor Group changed methodology from a phone survey to online, and the change doesn't allow for overall historical participation trending prior to 2012.

“The change in determining overall participation brings the tennis industry in line with methodology used for 120 other sports and activities measured by PAC,” says TIA Executive Director Jolyn de Boer. “We have been using the PAC study since 2008 in a comparison of tennis to traditional sports, which continually shows tennis among the top participation sports. Industry observers will note that the new methodology yields a lower overall participation figure from studies we used in previous years. However, frequent tennis participation using the new methodology does compare accurately with previous years.”

In addition to measuring total and frequent tennis play, the PAC Study also adds a measurement element  of "latent demand" previoulsy not available using other methodologies. According to the PAC Study there are over 15 million Americans who are interested in playing tennis but have not participated and another additional 13 million who "consider themselves tennis players" but haven't participated in the past year.

More details on U.S. Tennis Participation, along with other industry research is available in the 2014 State of the Industry report, which is available to "Industry Members" of the TIA and above. For questions about membership and accessing this report please contact our membership department at (843) 473-4504.

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