USPTA World Conference Features Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis was a big part of the USPTA's Annual World Conference on Tennis in September at the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel & Spa in Monterey, Calif.

National Cardio Tennis Program Manager Michele Krause, along with her team of National Cardio Tennis Speakers, traveled to the conference to deliver morning Cardio Tennis and TRX Cardio Tennis workouts to attendees so they could experience first-hand the excitement and enthusiasm Cardio Tennis can generate for players, teaching pros, and tennis clubs. In addition, the annual Cardio Tennis Shootout, a fun challenge created to test the feeding skills necessary for teaching pros to deliver Cardio Tennis, was "full of excitement and fun for all those who participated," says Krause.

During the conference, Cardio Tennis and TRX Cardio Tennis sessions were held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. All sessions were filled to capacity, with more than 50 participant each day drawn to Cardio Tennis's "heart-pumping fitness."

"There is so much excitement around Cardio Tennis as it continues to grow," says Krause, "and each year at the USPTA World  Conference we see hundreds of teaching pros who want to learn more about the product and how they can implement it into their programming as they take part in our morning workout sessions." 

While Cardio Tennis has been in the industry since 2005, the TIA, which manages Cardio Tennis, has been working on a partnership development opportunity with TRX, the creator of a suspension training system. Through the partnership process a new program, TRX Cardio Tennis, has been developed for tennis which integrates the use of the suspension training system while on court during Cardio Tennis workouts.

"This is the second conference we've delivered TRX Cardio Tennis workouts in conjunction with Cardio Tennis workouts," says Krause, "and thus far the response from participants has been incredible." TRX Cardio Tennis is the "ultimate ball-striking, calorie-burning workout incorporating strength, muscle endurance, balance and flexibility," Krause adds.

Jonas Lunblad and Eric Jacobsen were the 2 finalist out of 20 competitors in the 7th Annual Cardio Tennis Shootout. Lunblad came out on top as the Shootout winner with a score of 222, edging Jacobsen by 30 points. The format challenges tennis pros to feed rhythmically and rapidly to a series of targets. and each competitor gets 60 seconds to see how many targets they can hit. Since the shootout's inception in 2006, more than $20,000 in prize money has been given away to participants.

Members of the National Cardio Tennis Speakers team who helped make this year's appearance at the USPTA World Conference a success include: Enrique Casados,  Diane Selke, Tracie Mitchem, Jason Gilbert, Feisal Hassen, Ken DeHart, Rosie Bareis, Fernando Velasco , Cary Lothringer, Bill Phillips, Jorge Andrew, Glenn Gerbino and Dorian Adam.

"Michele and the Cardio Tennis Speakers Team do a tremendous job of delivering a consistent Cardio Tennis product at industry events throughout the US and internationally," says TIA Executive Director Jolyn de Boer. "They provide a very high-level of service to conference attendees and are a great value-add to the various industry meetings."

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