USTA Pro Circuit Introduces 10 and Under Tennis Legacy Program

From USTA Reports

In a collaboration between the Professional and Community Tennis divisions of the USTA a new program launched this year will provide grants to Pro Circuit sites that actively promote the 10 and Under Tennis format at their events, and whose facilities make programming available to the community.  A primary goal of the legacy program is for tennis communities in the Pro Circuit markets to benefit from the tournaments throughout the year with enhanced support of grassroots programs.

Tournaments can apply for grants to cover the painting of permanent lines on courts at their facility or a partner site connected with the tournament (ex. school, park, etc.). This program is separate, and in addition to, the grants available to tournaments for community events. 

A key goal of the USTA's Pro Circuit Committee is to foster collaboration between the Pro Circuit events and local community tennis, helping to reinforce local excitement for the sport.

All of the information on the program, including the Grant Application form, is available at . For additional information, please contact Louise Maher at