West-Coast Swing Delivers Cardio Tennis Training

Recently, Cardio Tennis Manager Michele Krause and members of the National Cardio Tennis Speakers Team delivered high-energy Cardio Tennis Training Courses in Canada and the San Francisco area to nearly 100 tennis professionals.

On May 5, Tennis Canada hosted a Cardio Tennis Training Course and recertification opportunity for members of the Tennis Professionals Association at the University of British Columbia. The course, which drew Tennis Canada coaches from various parts of the BC province, was the same course that is delivered in the U.S. to license coaches in Cardio Tennis.

“The Tennis Canada coaches were impressed with the robust and technical content of the program,” said Krause. “All of the TPA coaches were great in the workshop, and after training with a heart-rate monitor throughout the day, they really understood the role that tool plays in delivering a safe and healthy workout, as well as how it helps the pro do their job better.”

The following day Calgary Winter Club played host to additional coaches for another Cardio Tennis Training Course. “Cardio Tennis is extremely popular at the Calgary Winter Club, which shows how successful a pro can be when they get the proper training and follow the business plan,” Krause said. “They started CT about four years ago and now offer 30 Cardio Tennis classes per week and have an average wait list of 180 people per session.” Each session is 14 weeks long.

Next, Krause made the trip south to the Claremont Resort and Spa in Berkeley, CA,where on May 7 she joined National Cardio Tennis Speakers Team members Rosie Bareis, Chris Ojakian, David Schwartz, Adam Jasick, Ken Dehart and Ricky Casados to deliver a Cardio Tennis Training Course to 24 coaches.

The following day, the TRX Cardio Tennis pilot training course was delivered to 23 tennis teaching professionals through an eight-hour course on the TRX suspension training system. The pros also went through the full 90-minute session on how Cardio Tennis and TRX work together.

Prerequisites for the TRX Cardio Tennis Training Course include being an Authorized Provider and being current with Cardio Tennis education. Visit www.cardiotennistraining.com for more information.