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With more than 70 tennis specific reports made available to the industry, the TIA focuses on providing retailers with up-to-date industry trends and information that can help them plan for success. With the development of the new TIA Retail Division, the TIA is developing a new and improved "research package" for members of the division that will include an all new Consumer Retail Buying Habits Report (available in 2013).

In addition to developing the new Consumer Retail Buying Habits report that will soon be available, the TIA already supplies tennis retailers with a variety of reports to help them stay abreast of  key industry trends that impact their businesses. Current reports available to retailers include the State of the Industry, the USTA/TIA Participation Study, and the Cost of Doing Business Retail Study. On a monthly basis the TIA's research partner, Sports Marketing Surveys USA, contacts members of our TIA Retail Audit Panel to monitor retail sales through the Pro/Specialty Channel. If you're interested in becoming a member of this retail audit panel to help provide the industry with important data and receive a copy of the report please contact Sports Marketing Surveys at (561) 427.0647.

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