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Careers In TennisCareers In Tennis

The purpose of this program is to attract more young talent into tennis industry positions and to create more financially lucrative and stable job opportunities within the tennis industry. Our strategies include informing young adults with a passion for tennis from high school and college students to those in their late 20's of opportunities within the tennis industry and promoting the positive aspects of working in tennis, such as the lifestyle, helping others, health benefits, and financial opportunities. We also plan on educating executives in the club, resort and park industries on the long term financial benefits of hiring and retaining top tennis professionals as well as additional opportunities and resources available to help grow their business. 


The Careers In Tennis website is a FREE recruiting resource for tennis industry businesses and a FREE jobseeking resource for those actively seeking positions. Last year more there were more than 30,000 views of the jobs posted on the site and at any one time there are more than 1,000 tennis industry positions listed on the site.

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