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(480) 262-0303
Current Season Programs:
Name: ATAAZ Adult Academy
Location: Kyrene Middle School
Program Type: Clinic, Camp
Audience: Ladies, Men, Both Ladies and Men
Day of Week: Monday
Start Date: 11/26/2012
Duration: 4 Weeks
Cost: $70.00
Contact Person: Michael McDowell
Contact Phone: (480) 262-0303
This unique program for adults is patterned after our junior academy program. The primary goals are to create a flexible and affordable option for adults to work on their games in a systematic way. Players can come as many times as possible each week. For players who come frequently the cost can be as little as $3-4 for an 1 1/2 hour lesson. Regardless of how many times you attend, the cost is never more than $10 per 1.5 hour lesson. The clinics focus on: 1. Technical aspects of strokes and movement. For example, appropriate grips, stances, swing paths, footwork patterns, etc. 2. Strategies and tactics for singles and doubles. The format involves drills and exercises to help players develop strokes and understand how to use these weapons in match play. Hitting progressions (Dropped ball, tossed ball, fed ball & ball machine) to practice techniques as well as to understand how strokes are employed in match play situations. Players will also learn shadow tennis routines and proprioception exercises to learn the feel of strokes and movement patterns. Finally, because visual learning is such a valuable tool, high speed video (240-300 fps) of top pros will be used to illustrate key positions and fundamental movements involved in strokes. Many of the practices will involve stations -- allowing players greater flexibility in deciding what they want to practice on a given day. Every effort will be made to work with the player to customize the experience to the individuals game and learning style.

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